Digital Transformation Meets Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance
EnGRC automates your workflows and delivers meaningful governance-related insights to the board and senior management to enable real-time decision making and reporting.​​​​​​​


Risks and Opportunities should be addressed by all governance leaders in a coordinated manner. A key factor for a successful and effective corporate governance within an organization is the visibility of risks and opportunities, the accountability attached to them and the co-ordination between the different functions addressing them.

Each function within the enterprise addresses the risk and opportunity universe from different perspectives. Hence it is important to use a software tool allowing the organization not only to address the risk and opportunity universe by each function but much more importantly to enable the company to generate crucial insights through its governance functions (Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance processes).

EnGRC delivers exactly this key functionality to provide meaningful governance related insights to the Board and Senior Management.​​​​​​​


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