Remote/Mobile Office

Even before COVID, enabling mobile/remote/offsite Enterprise Governance and collaboration was our priority.

EnGRC delivers Enterprise governance with engaging collaboration features, your Enterprise Governance requirements are enabled whether in the office or working from home or other locations - true digital transformation. We have tested the reliability of this suite of tools from various locations in Europe using our mobile office pictured above and are very pleased with the results. GRC for global locations is enabled and executed efficiently.

Our suite of Enterprise Governance tools EnGRC comprises Risk Assessment & Management, Internal Control System, Internal Audit, Issue & Action Management and Control Testing. This suite of tools enables teams to work in a flexible collaborative manner from home, office, mobile office or overseas offices. It is an agile collaborative experience, combining intuitive interfaces with communication through chats, videos, secure  document management and exchange systems.

Some modules launched others to follow in Q4 2022 &  2023..​​​​​​​